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Talent Scouts for Payroll Pros

Whether you’re a payroll professional ​hoping to grow your career or a ​service bureau hoping to grow your ​business, we can help.

We’re Talent Scouts, not Recruiters.

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Talent Scouts

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Only work with candidates who are actively job hunting

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Find new talent from strategic partnerships, referrals, and marketing

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Curate an extremely small talent pool and reject 95% of applicants or more

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Never work with candidates whom we’ve placed in the past unless expressly given permission by our clients

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External Recruiters

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Find talent by calling and messaging currently employeed workers to convince them to leave their current role

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Attempt to “poach” talent from other companies in your industry

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Maintain an extremely large talent pool of thousands of candidates

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Stay in touch with candidates after placement “just in case” they decide to job hunt again in the future

We only send you home runs.

New candidates in your inbox every week, automatically

  • We will tell you for free when expert candidates enter the job market - only pay if you hire our pros

  • Tap into talent from payroll firms who are selling their book of clients

  • Minimize ramp-up time and training expenses by accessing knowledgeable, experienced candidates who already know and understand your technology

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Job Seekers

The payroll industry has a problem. Too many jobs, and not enough experts to fill them.

That’s where our Talent Scouts come in. We partner with hundreds of payroll and HR executives to match candidates with the right people at the right time, often for positions that haven't even been posted publicly. The best part? Our services are completely free to candidates!

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Spend Less Time Job ​Hunting

We use our nationwide network ​of payroll bureaus & PEOs to ​match you with a permanent, ​full-time position.

Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Manager

Get Noticed by Hiring ​Managers

Take out the guesswork, and ​let us help you get your resume ​in front of hiring managers.

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We’ll Hold Your


We offer personalized support ​and work with you one-on-one ​to ensure you put your best foot ​forward.

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Submit a general ​application, and we’ll ​contact you shortly.

Learn more about the kinds ​of positions we are filling ​and apply today!

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Looking to buy or sell a payroll firm? We help former staff find new Payroll/HRIS jobs.

Your employees took care of your clients -

let us take care of your employees.

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Ease the stress for you and ​your former staff

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Minimize unemployment claims

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Earn more for the sale of your business

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