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Talent Scouts for ​Payroll Pros

Whether you’re a payroll ​professional hoping to grow your ​career or a service bureau hoping ​to grow your business, we can help.

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We’re Talent Scouts, Not Recruiters

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Talent Scouts

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Only work with candidates who are ​actively job hunting

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Find new talent from strategic ​partnerships, referrals, and marketing

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Curate an extremely small talent pool ​and reject 95% of applicants or more

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Never work with candidates whom we’ve ​placed in the past unless expressly given ​permission by our clients

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External Recruiters

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Find talent by calling and messaging ​currently employeed workers to convince ​them to leave their current role

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Attempt to “poach” talent from other ​companies in your industry

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Maintain an extremely large talent pool ​of thousands of candidates

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Stay in touch with candidates after ​placement “just in case” they decide to ​job hunt again in the future

Meet Our ​Payroll Pros

  • Create a free account to post jobs and match ​with candidates - only pay if you hire our pros

  • As a client, instantly access video interviews, ​resumes, and knowledge assessments from our top ​candidates

  • We’ll tell you for free when expert talent enters ​the job market with our weekly Candidate ​Summary Newsletter




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Selling your company?

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We Smooth the Transition for Everyone.

Selling or acquiring a payroll firm can be a complex process. But ​what about your employees? We understand the importance of ​minimizing disruption for your team during this time.

We help with:

  • Resume Review
  • Interview Coaching
  • Matching Employees with Potential New ​Employers
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Job Seekers

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We partner with hundreds of payroll and HR ​executives to match candidates with the right ​people at the right time. The best part? Our ​services are completely free to candidates!

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Let’s Work


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